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Meet the Owner

Alisha Hope (they/them)

I started this business in July 2022 to support others along their journeys through mental health struggles. I'm a neurodivergent 20-year-old student currently on the path to creating a safe community for everyone to feel comfortable together in recovery.

I founded Hopeful Hive after a long battle with my own mental health, which is still ongoing today. I struggled for years, fighting for professional support and constantly being let down. With no consistency in external circumstance, I had to look within and start a journey of self-discovery, learning as much as I could about my mind and the way it works. Slowly, I started to move in the right direction.

After facing the effects of stigma alone, I decided to start a project aimed at ensuring no one else could feel as hopeless and alone again, unable to access life-saving help. The products listed were created to help you learn more about yourself, build coping mechanisms to help with daily life, and find some stability as you venture into the unknowns of recovery. I am not a professional but have gained lots of experience and knowledge through my own difficulties, and am always doing more research to enable me to understand more.


10th July 2022

Hopeful Hive opened on Etsy

31st August

Co-lead a Start-Up Business seminar in collaboration with Headspace Bolton and Recovery Academy

14th October 2022

200 sales made on the Etsy shop

20th November 2022

2500 followers gained on TikTok

18th December 2022

Official Hopeful Hive website was published

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