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  • What can I get a personalised box for?
    These boxes are designed to be customisable to any struggles. Whether for you or a loved one, there is no limit to the amount of detail and the number of struggles you can include in your form submission. In-depth research is completed on any new issues or details included, so all areas can be accounted for. These packages can be useful to help at the start of/during a recovery journey, during a relapse, managing a chronic mental health condition or disability, or just for managing daily wellness. They are not assembled by mental health professionals and so are not alterternatives to this kind of support, but help with self-help techniques.
  • How do you create the personalised boxes?
    When you purchase this product, we begin an assessment of the information you give in the personalisation form to begin creating your unique kit. This often results in a mixture of tailored coping cards and worksheets, 5-sense grounding and relaxation items, fidget/stim toys, motivational quotes, distraction items, etc. All the items included in your box will be related to the details you give us, and work towards building independent strategies for management and recovery of mental health issues. Any specific requests will always be taken into account
  • Do I have to be diagnosed to order from your site?
    No. Hopeful Hive is an independent business open to all, and never discriminates against those without official diagnoses to a mental health condition or disability. All ends of the mental health spectrum, and the severity of which you are struggling with these, are valid you are deserving of help and support regardless.
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