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Create your own mental health recovery toolbox and care package to suit your needs!

Have a perfectly tailored, personal guide to recovery in no time at all! Simply leave a note explaining a little bit about you: the things you struggle with and find difficult, things that help you/things that don’t, special requests for specific items, etc.


Every box is unique, handmade and hand-picked just for you! We begin in-depth research as soon as you make your purchase to ensure our the products we include are as accurate and helpful as they can be! 

You don’t have to struggle alone! We can help you to learn to help yourself.

Personalised Recovery Box

SKU: 21554345656
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  • Our Standard is a medium/large sized box which could be filled with any of the following (in addition to new items chosen specifically for you which may not be listed):

    - personalised coping cards that coincide with your issues

    - a variety of sensory objects for grounding and relaxation

    - fidget toys

    - self-help books and guides

    - distraction activities (I.e. puzzles, colouring)

    - routine planners

    - notebooks and journal prompts

    - positive quotes and affirmations

    - guided technique-building activities

    - mindfulness activities

    - and more!

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