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Unique, tried and tested, skill-building recovery kits!


Self harm behaviours can become so addictive, and it can be difficult to find substitutes to help yourself heal. This box contains all the guidance and tools to help you begin recovery in the right way for you; it give you the ability to build essential skills independently.


Included are techniques and practical activities that are proven to work, and with the vast variety detailed on our handmade coping cards, you are guaranteed to find something new what will work for you. Recovering isn’t simply about eliminating unhelpful coping mechanisms, but replacing them with positive, healing strategies. Any of these items and skills can help you calm down during stressful times and bring you feelings of being grounded and relaxed. They act as a method to bring your rational mind and wise mind back in the picture, giving you more control over your emotions.

Self Harm Prevention Box

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  • You can choose between a single-use, disposable ice pack, or a reusable one which just needs putting in the freezer before use!

    Each box includes:

    - 4 A6 laminated coping cards (Emotional Outlets, Sensory Stimulation, Calming Alternatives, Talk to Someone - crisis/helplines)

    - Handmade loom band/elastics fidget toy (good for skin-picking, hair-pulling, nail-biting)

    - 2 sterile wound dressings

    - Snap bracelet

    - Sheet of temporary tattoos

    - Vent/scribble journal

    - Pencil

    - Elastic bands

    - Disposable ice pack

    - Red marker

    - Polished crystal worry stone (thumb-stone)

    - Vegan sour boiled sweets

    - 2 acupressure rings

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