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Yellow Flowers

Hopeful Hive couldn't exist without you wonderful humans! Through engagement on social media, we have been able to start helping people all over the world. Products aren't sold with profit in mind; the aim is simply to be able to help as many people as possible.

We want to continue to grow the Hive, setting off on the journey to becoming a community and non-profit organisation in the future. If you are able to donate anything to help towards this, we will be able to continue to make mental health support accessible for others.

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Pay it Forward

Your current donations will be going towards setting up a Pay-it-Forward scheme within the business. Once started, this will allow you to buy a personalised recovery box for someone else who cannot afford it. An application system is going to get set up for free boxes once we have a regular influx of donations. All donations, large and small are incredibly helpful. Thank you!

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